Office Bundles

When it’s time to step up to your own office, take the worry out of network planning, purchasing and maintenance with a managed network subscription from Nebulex.

Our subscription Connectivity Packages make office networking easy. Choose the number of users you need connected and our qualified networking professionals will fit out your office space with all the hardware and infrastructure you need for a fast, reliable network. All you need to do is plug your device in and get started.

Office Networking Services | Sydney, Australia 2 9045 7600

Planned, managed and supported

Every Office Connectivity package comes with ongoing management, troubleshooting and support, to ensure you get the most from your monthly subscription. Should any equipment fail, we take responsibility for replacing it.

Office Networking Services | Sydney, Australia 2 9045 7600

Flexible and future proof.

As your business grows, we’ll be right beside you, ready to provide advice. Whether you want to add or reduce the number of users, or expand to connect new devices, we provide the hardware and services services to ensure your network seamlessly copes with changing demands.

Office Networking Services | Sydney, Australia 2 9045 7600
Office Networking Services | Sydney, Australia 2 9045 7600


Proactive remote security monitoring and management keeps your network safe from intruders.

Predictable subscription costs

Per user subscription charges give certainty to costs and make budgeting easy.

Office Connectivity Packages

10 UsersOffice Bundle

25 UsersOffice Bundle

50 UsersOffice Bundle

Minimum users 5 12 25
Managed network
Managed security
Managed wireless
Remote support
Onsite support For an additional fee
Onsite installation For an additional fee
Minimum subscription commitment 12 months 12 months 12 months
Cost/User/Month $60 $50 $40


Add functionality, support and security to your Nebulex Virtual Office plan with our specially tailored add-on packages. Add-on packages require a Nebulex Virtual Office base package subscription, and can be mixed and matched as necessary. Some restrictions apply.

Want more? We have you covered. Add functionality, support and security to your Nebulex Virtual Office with any of our tailored add-on services below.

Data, Power and Audio Visual

Why is it that no matter how great a new office looks, the power points and data cables are never where you need them to be?

There’s no need to compromise your office layout plans just because the lighting isn’t right, or to clutter the space with extension cords and unsightly cables. With our Data, Power and Audio Visual service our qualified staff will come and install or adjust cables to fit your required office layout. We provide:

  • supply and installation of data cabling
  • electrical work including power to desks, lighting, etc
  • installation of audio-visual equipment including TVs and audio systems
  • professional staff
  • on site consultation
  • free quotation.

Virtual Receptionist

Quality of service can make or break a business so it’s essential to make sure clients are treated respectfully and professionally right from their very first phone call. However, finding the time to achieve this can be especially hard for small businesses when staff numbers are tight and everyone is busy.

That’s where the Nebulex Virtual Receptionist can help. Staffed by a team of professional and efficient receptionists, we will manage incoming calls on your behalf. Based on your instructions our Virtual Receptionists will:

  • Greet every inbound caller, ensuring you never miss a call again
  • Forward any calls that you wish to personally manage
  • Take messages as required
  • Immediately forward messages text or email
  • Diarise appointments
  • ensure your customers receive the best possible experience with every call.